True confessions of a procrastinator…

So I started this blog a few weeks ago and then life got hectic. I’m now in the process of switching jobs and moving! (My first big move since college!) I’ve also recently rekindled an old friendship so I’ve been busy with work and relationships.

So that’s my lame excuse for procrastinating and not blogging yet…

As well as my day life as a computer engineer, I am an aspiring fashion designer. At the moment I’m into the reconstruction fad – refashioning ill-fitting, ugly, or out-dated clothing into modern, comfortable, and hopefully innovative pieces. I am an admitted, t_shirt_surgery, and craftgrrl addict.

I intend on using this as a forum to share my work and ideas, receive criticism and feedback, and learn about sewing/fashion industry/trends/small businesses/etc.

Most of my work has been for my personal wardrobe so far but I hope to break into the small business world soon (relatively speaking of course – remember i AM a procrastinator).



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