POLL – New online store name

So I’m in the process of building up inventory for an etsy store. (If you’ve never heard of etsy check it out NOW!) I can’t decide on a name for my store/line. It will be women’s clothing and some home decor stuff as well. At the moment I don’t really have a clearly defined style – still trying out a lot of things…but it’s definitely geared towards 20/30-somethings. some classy stuff, some party stuff, some loungy stuff – have played around with some lingerie too.

My initials are D.E.W. so I was going to try to incorporate that into the name somehow. Here are some of the ideas I have so far:

  • DEWlusions
  • DEWlusional
  • DEWlusional Designs
  • sQuare
  • sqWEAR
  • Danigirl

Let me know what you guys think of these (too cheesy??) and I’m completely open to new suggestions!!

(btw, went on a sewing binge this weekend – will post photos as soon as I finish them all off)


5 responses to “POLL – New online store name

  1. No…no lingerie…not happening

    As for the DEW__ names, you’ve heard my opinion. Methinks “Danigirl” is a bit too cheesy and juvenile for you expected target demo.

    Curious as to where the “square” is coming from. Maybe because you’re such a square? (had to)

  2. yea i agree…danigirl sounds a bit like a tween line a la miley cyrus or hilary duff…

    “Maybe because you’re such a square? (had to)”
    and it’s ironic that you say that because actually…that IS where it came from 😛

    everyone knows i’m a square!

  3. Have you noticed that your initials could stand for Designer Evening Wear? Of course, that locks you in to too small a niche.

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