My life has been changed forever…

Yes, I had a life-changing experience today. I went to G Street Fabrics for the first time.
Apparently G Street Fabrics was started in 1941 in Northwest DC (on G St. of course).  It is now run by the founder’s son and grandson and has expanded to 4 locations (I went to the one in Centreville, VA).

This place ROCKS MY SOCKS!  Tons of fabric of every texture, color, weight, pattern that you could ever want. They cover the entire range -there’s a whole section of gorgeous designer fabric (some as much as $300/yd!) right next to an entire wall of discount $3/yd fabric.

As if their amazing variety of fabrics wasn’t enough – there’s a whole room dedicated to notions (ribbon, zippers, buttons, patches…).

And to top it all off, they offer classes. Knitting, quilting, pattern-making, fashion business & design.

I think I’ve found my new addiction…it starts with a ‘G’ and rhymes with ‘Street Fabrics’.


Before and After

Here are a few of my latest creations…

Before and After - Green Halter Dress Recon
Cocktail Dress reconstructed from thrifted items

Before and After - Turtleneck Recon
Autumn Shirt reconstructed from a Walmart turtleneck

Before and After - Pink Cityscape Dress/Skirt
Convertible Skirt/Dress – this can be worn with a belt as a tube dress or as a skirt!

Let me know what you think of these. Be harsh…I can take it!

True confessions of a procrastinator…

So I started this blog a few weeks ago and then life got hectic. I’m now in the process of switching jobs and moving! (My first big move since college!) I’ve also recently rekindled an old friendship so I’ve been busy with work and relationships.

So that’s my lame excuse for procrastinating and not blogging yet…

As well as my day life as a computer engineer, I am an aspiring fashion designer. At the moment I’m into the reconstruction fad – refashioning ill-fitting, ugly, or out-dated clothing into modern, comfortable, and hopefully innovative pieces. I am an admitted, t_shirt_surgery, and craftgrrl addict.

I intend on using this as a forum to share my work and ideas, receive criticism and feedback, and learn about sewing/fashion industry/trends/small businesses/etc.

Most of my work has been for my personal wardrobe so far but I hope to break into the small business world soon (relatively speaking of course – remember i AM a procrastinator).