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Project Runway Season 4 Premiere!

I am anxiously awaiting the first episode of this season’s Project Runway! (32 minutes and counting…)

To get in the mood, I’ve assigned myself my own PR Challenge. I bought 3 yards of this obnoxious fabric at JoAnn’s yesterday.

obnoxious fabric

Trust me, it’s more obnoxious in person… 😛

So my mission is to make something wearable from this craaazy print.

Wish me luck!


My life has been changed forever…

Yes, I had a life-changing experience today. I went to G Street Fabrics for the first time.
Apparently G Street Fabrics was started in 1941 in Northwest DC (on G St. of course).  It is now run by the founder’s son and grandson and has expanded to 4 locations (I went to the one in Centreville, VA).

This place ROCKS MY SOCKS!  Tons of fabric of every texture, color, weight, pattern that you could ever want. They cover the entire range -there’s a whole section of gorgeous designer fabric (some as much as $300/yd!) right next to an entire wall of discount $3/yd fabric.

As if their amazing variety of fabrics wasn’t enough – there’s a whole room dedicated to notions (ribbon, zippers, buttons, patches…).

And to top it all off, they offer classes. Knitting, quilting, pattern-making, fashion business & design.

I think I’ve found my new addiction…it starts with a ‘G’ and rhymes with ‘Street Fabrics’.