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Inspiration while driving

Have you ever noticed how the best ideas hit you in the car, in the shower, just as you’re about to fall asleep? Whenever pen and paper aren’t handy basically…

Well today, I was stuck in traffic (what a surprise for NoVA) trying to think of a name for my store.  I wasn’t completely happy with any of the names I listed here. For some reason I feel as though the name of my store should relate to my name somehow (kinda stuck in a rut here…). So I began thinking of my first name, last name, nicknames, etc and then remembered how I used to spell my name when I was little.  Somehow, I would always include all the letters of my name but totally out of order – so “Danielle” would appear as “ailednle” one day and “lledniae” the next.

I can’t believe it took me 23 years to realize this but the letters in my first name (Danielle) rearranged become “All I Need”.  Seems somewhat fitting for a store.  I’m not sold on this idea but I thought it was kinda neat.

What do you think? Is “All I Need” a good store name? It seems a bit boring to me without the lengthy explanation of how it came to be…Any thoughts??