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Gifts from Grandma

I recently acquired loads of goodies from my grandma’s “stash”. Buttons, elastic, zippers, patches, thread, as well as all sorts of doodads I’m not really sure what to do with… I am particularly excited about the Big Mac Iron-Ons, the Dippity-Do jar, the Howdy-Doody patch and the Knitting Knobby.

I’m still trying to figure out how to use the flat braid, the knit perma-trim, and the hem & drape markers. And I need some ideas for projects to use the patches, trims, and iron-ons. I’d also like to come up with something nice to do with the tatting pieces my grandmother made.

Any ideas?

Hem ‘N Drape Markers Wash-Away Basting Thread Flat Braid Trouser Zippers
Knitting Knobby Tool Black Cross Patches Astronaut Patches Black & Yellow Patch
Howdy Doody Patch Green buttons white flower buttons
Brown Woven Trim Black & White Trim Rick Rack Susan Bates Knitting Knobby Kit
Dippity-do Jar Polyester Knit Perma-Trim Wile E. Coyote and Felix the Cat Patches Jean & Corduroy Patches
McDonald’s Big Mac Iron-On Transfer Needles and Bobbins Singer Paper Bag Pink and Blue Doily
Eagle button Gray Doily (detail) Gray Doily Anchor button
Teeny Tiny Buttons black and green buttons